Solvay-Ponts Scholarship Opportunities


Offering Equal Opportunities and Attracting the Best Students

In order to sustain the fundamental values of pursuing excellence and promoting diversity, the ENPC MBA Paris & Solvay Brussels School offer several tuition reduction scholarship schemes. Depending on your personal situation and upon the Scholarship’s Committee appreciation, a candidate may cumulate the benefits of more than one scholarship scheme. Scholarships are available only for candidates with 3 or more years of working experience. 

Attribution of scholarships is based on three primary eligibility criteria:
  • Merit,
  • Financial need,
  • Adherence to School values. 
Furthermore each single scholarship scheme has its specific eligibility requirements (see dedicated pages for more information).

Please note that scholarship requests must be submitted in parallel with your MBA or E-MBA application. The request consists in some short essays on your background, personal statement, and why you think you deserve this opportunity.

Solvay-Ponts specific financing options

  • Honor Loans: A limited number of honor loans for up to 50% of total tuition fees is also available. Attribution is based on an application file depicting merit, financial need and the specific situation and good standing of the applicant.
  • Discounts: Alumni and staff from ParisTech and Université Libre de Bruxelles may claim a discount on their tuition fees. Discounts are also available for partnering organizations and companies, as well as members of NGOs self-financing their MBA. Please consult our website or contact us to check precise eligibility criteria and applicable discount rates.

Important: we only accept scholarship requests from candidates who have already completed their online application.

In order to apply for a scholarship, download here the Scholarship Request Form and send it fully completed to our Admissions Manager, François Blanchet ( 

Scholarship Request Forms relative to the September 2014 MBA intake won't be accepted after July 30th.