CEO Magazine, Jan 2012. The journey continues for the ENPC MBA!

January 20, 2012

the journey continues for the enpc mba!

ceo magazine, january 2012. alexandra skinner reports tawfik jelassi and alon rozen’s vision of the enpc mba journey.  

we invite you to discover all the destinations of this journey by reading this very interesting article by ceo magazine on the future of the enpc mba where the school’s new ventures and projects are brightly described.
discover our two brand new academic offers: the mba specialization in enterprise riskmanagement launched in september 2011 in partnership with ecole des mines’ centre for research on risk and crises; and ourexecutive mba in aviation management in beijing developed in partnership with airbus, and the ecole nationale of civil aviation (enac)attsinghua university.

in the words of our assistant dean: “we are quite excited about these programs … they are both part of our strategy to foster new corporate-academic partnerships for growth. enpc has always had an entrepreneurial spirit of continually launching new ideas. there is always something in the works and that makes it an exciting place to work and be a part of.  the education market is changing so quickly that if you don’t constantly have developments in the pipeline, you can become outdated very quickly. we feel that we have a responsibility to keep innovating.”

the article draws a very clear picture of enpc mba programs, curricula, partnership development, admissions as well as the human dimension that our candidates and participants encounter both on campus and via or new social media initiatives.

to learn more on these topics read the full article.