Doctoral Programs


ParisTech-Paris-Est Course in Management for Doctoral Students 

The École des Ponts Business School proposes a four-week Course in Management for doctoral candidates spread over four months (one week per month) that aims to give doctoral candidates a high-level introduction to business and management. The idea is to give specialized doctoral students from a wide range of schools and disciplines an overview of various aspects of business and management in an MBA-style learning format which uses blended learning, problem-based learning, the case study method, group work, individual work, guest speakers, corporate visits as well as active participation of all students.

The objective is to help doctoral students rapidly acquire an excellent working understanding of business and management, including immediately applicable models, frameworks, tools, best practices and skills in order to better comprehend today's business challenges, increase employability and get on a fast-track to management positions.


In the framework of its program Docteur pour l’Entreprise, the ParisTech Doctoral Institute proposes to the PhD students an intensive training in Management. This training program, delivered in English, aims at developing and improving the PhD students’ knowledge of business processes in an international context as well as their ability to process technological innovation, to act in a management process, to apply marketing’s fundamental techniques, and to cooperate in a business communication strategy.

ParisTech and Paris-Est have entrusted the École des Ponts Business School with the organization of its Course in Management for doctoral participants which consists in 150 contact hours including:
  • Fundamentals of business and management
  • Marketing and strategy
  • Finance and accounting for managers
  • Operations management, quality management and project management,
  • Business process reengineering
  • Innovation marketing and the links to Research & Development
  • Negotiations
  • Entrepreneurship

New in 2015 - now accepting external candidates

In order to increase the diversity of the program, we are now accepting up to five doctoral or post-doctoral students for the Course in Management.  The rates for external candidates are as follows:

  • If a company is sponsoring the candidate: € 5 000 
  • If a laboratory or research center is sponsoring the candidate: € 4 000
  • If the candidate is financing the program personally: € 3 200.

For more information, please contact Linda Crofton at

Testimonial - "this program encouraged us to think big"

Simona SabaThe ENPC ParisTech Doctoral Program on Management - the perfect complement to a PhD
Simona SABA, Doctorante IRSN/Université Paris-Est

"I would not be exaggerating if I say that this course has changed me in many positive ways. Starting with the academic point of view, a rich variety of classes (marketing, negotiation, finance, innovation…) was given by high quality teachers who came from well recognised business schools in all over the world. They have excellent teaching skills that transformed the intensive classes into interactive, very rich and fun classes.

In another way, this program encouraged us to think big, beyond the everyday scientific routine of a PhD student. By the end, I made a lot of wonderful friends from many different cultures. I admit that it wasn’t easy for us to work as a team at the beginning, it even happened that we argued sometimes, but it didn’t take us very long to become a great team and enjoy the hard work.
After this program, we are able to speak the language of business, to be more confident when facing recruiters, have the initiative to contact people to build our network and finally to think out of the box!"


The 2015 session of the Course in Management is spread over 4 weeks as follows:

  • Week 1: January 2015
  • Week 2: February 2015
  • Week 3: March 2015
  • Week 4: April 2015

Application deadline: December 10th, 2014.