Testimonial - Rabih Chehouri


rabih chehouri - france/lebanon - class of 2000

when i decided to pursue an mba curriculum, i was working in abu dhabi (united arab emirates) for a french company as a project manager in charge of developing and setting-up joint-ventures between local investment groups and european firms. although my engineering background was beneficial, i still lacked the academic basics in finance and more generally speaking, the entrepreneurial approach to developing existing businesses or creating start-ups. i decided therefore to pursue an mba curriculum on a part-time basis in paris.

after a careful due-diligence on existing part-time programs in france, the enpc mba was by far the best choice given the diversity of courses, the quality of professors, the cultural diversity of participants, and the flexibility for participant to cumulate studies with professional (and family !) obligations. after completing my mba, i was hired by a french consultancy firm specialised in strategy and management as a senior consultant. compared with my previous position, my fixed salary has increased by approximately 60%.

" the enpc mba was to me - intellectually speaking - like a breath of fresh air : it was a new challenge which helped me braking down the monotony which started to take place in my professional career. in addition to acquiring all technical tools and methods to practice management with a capital m, it was a pleasant way to discover new practices and build on human contacts. "