Testimonial - David Helliwell


helliwell david - canada - class of 2000

before the enpc mba i was an exploration geophysicist in the mining industry, and, for two years, a part time professional windsurfing racer. my work gave me the money and extended holiday time to pursue my dreams to be a pro windsurfer, but after five years, i was ready for change.

i chose the enpc mba because i felt that, from a canadian perspective, north american mbas could not offer the international experience of their european counterparts. several months before graduating from the enpc mba, i signed with the strategy department of cap gemini ernst & young as a consultant, and they paid for most of my mba tuition fees as a signing bonus and they gave me a competitive salary - about 50% higher than what i earned before the mba.

i took the summe r off (to get married and have one last windsurfing race), and went back to work in september 2000. i was promoted to senior consultant in december of 2001, and worked on fascinating projects all over europe until returning to canada in late 2002.

i came back to canada to be the senior policy adviser to a cabinet minister in the canadian government. the combination of the european mba and consulting experience made me a more valuable commodity at home, allowing me to get an extraordinary job that is normally done by people 10-15 years older than me.