Testimonial - Kate McKay


mckay kate - united states - class of 1999

after graduating from university with a liberal arts degree and spending a year teaching english in japan, i entered the business world as an administrative assistant for a small software marketing firm. i spent several years there, learning a lot, getting promoted, taking on more responsibility. but i could only go so far - my career path was either executive assistant or account management. when i left i was making $30k/year. after taking a year off to ski in the pyrenees (life is rough, eh?), i decided it was time to get my career back on track and that an mba was the best way to get out of the administrative rut and jump to the next level.

i chose enpc mba for several reasons :

1) 1-year program (less expensive and less time out of the work force)

2) faculty (visiting faculty means access to top professors from top b-schools around the world)

3) diversity (more variety of nationalities and professional backgrounds than most other schools, making for a much more interesting learning environment)

4) cooperative environment (work-group learning structure, and no "forced grading"!)

5) did i mention paris?

currently, i am a business development manager for a successful corporate services firm in boston, called ccbn. i have been here for 2 years and was recently promoted to manage a larger, more strategic initiative, with 2 junior associates reporting to me. my starting compensation package was about $60k/year (twice what i was making as an executive assistant), and is now at about $80k/year. my mba was completely instrumental in landing this position.