Testimonial - Nicolas Streeter


streeter nicolas - chile - class of 1999
academic background :

ba engineering, universidad catolica, chile with over 4 years of professional experience, i left compassgroup chile in 1998, a small asset management company based in santiago, where i was a senior analyst to pursue an mba at the enpc school of international management. i completed my mba with a 9-month professional thesis project for axa paris in their south american department where i was in charge of developing strategy for latin american subsidiaries. after completing the project, i was promoted to ceo of axa uruguay where i am currently implementing my thesis project. mba studies at the enpc helped me to boost my career both in terms of scope of responsibilities and remuneration (an overall package triple the amount i was earning before starting an mba). the enpc school of international management equipped me with valuable knowledge and understanding of strategy and organizational theory. being a finance person myself, without this knowledge i am sure that i would not have been able to undertake the career and responsibilities i have now. before doing the enpc mba, i had almost no experience managing people. through the enpc mba program, i learned to assimilate the huge cultural diversity present within the group of participants (28 nationalities) within a very short time. it requires a great deal of emotional intelligence to develop and manage relationships and work in teams to encourage everyone's best efforts. today, i am reaping the benefits of these ‘people skills,' managing a team of 31 professionals. without the enpc mba training, this would have been a much more difficult task. as the enpc top-notch school well-known and respected in france, i feel that it was a plus in helping me get my foot in the door with axa paris to be able to achieve my rapid career move to where i am now.

prior education civil engineering, 1994, universidad catolica de chile. b.sc. in engineering pre mba job compassgroup chile, small asset management company based in santiago senior analyst, 30 k a year, chile

after mba did my ptp with axa in paris, actually in the south america department, in charge of development and strategy of latam subsidiaries. after 9 month with them (my original ptp contract) i was promoted to ceo of axa uruguay. salary in france was 18.000 ff per month gross. now, i make a lot more than that: salary + bonus + apartment + company car + life insurance + health insurance worldwide + pension plan. more or less 90k per year. i moved from paris to montevideo.