Testimonial - Jillyan French


french jillyan - united states - class of 1997

i decided to pursue an mba following 4 years professional experience in the retail industry working for the gap, incorporated in store management. i felt an mba would complement my vision of the business world as well as enlarge my perspective on a more global basis. i opted for the mba at enpc as it is truly an international mba, with students from different countries and cultures, yet the class size is small, allowing for greater interaction among all the students. further, the faculty for the mba comes from many top universities around the world, bringing a vision of the international marketplace that is extremely diverse.

after completing my mba, i decided to capitalize on my previous experience in employee hiring and training by working for an executive recruitment firm in paris as a researcher and junior consultant on senior-management searches across a wide area of markets, such as media/entertainment, health, e-business, heavy industry, energy and retail. due to my profile, i conducted searches in japan, africa, the united states as well as in europe.

in september 2000, i joined the recruitment department of accenture in paris, where i recruited experts in supply chain management, it web architects, as well as consultants for the public sector. today, i recruit for accenture's financial services, insurance and capital markets business sector for france, as well as crm experts. again, my mba plays an important role in my professional activities as i have a strong business sense and strategic vision on a wide variety of economic issues.

being in human resources, i believe one of the most valuable contributions the mba brought to me is the ability to work with people from different countries, respecting, learning and capitalizing on individual strengths. i chose the mba at the enpc because i wanted to see how the world "functioned" outside of the united states… and i can easily say that i feel as though i am experiencing what i set out to discover!