Testimonial - Adrian Chapman


chapman adrian - united kingdom/germany - class of 1996

after completing my mba at the enpc school of international management, i joined pricewaterhousecoopers as a junior consultant in london working within the consulting division and specifically, the energy and utilities group.

i am currently a principal consultant, working predominantly on multinational systems and organisation restructuring assignments for upstream oil clients, delivering strategic change services such as organisation design and change management. i am also involved in solution generation and business development.

since my first permanent position, my salary has increased by over 100%. overall package started at around £30,000 during my placement and is now around £65,000. in the future, i am hoping to gain directorship at around the age of 36/37.

" the most valuable contribution of the enpc mba to my career/life was the understanding of the business tools and techniques to allow me to negotiate through the complex business issues that i am faced with on a day-to-day basis."