International Network

About the School

The school´s emphasis on internationalization and multiculturalism manifests itself not only in its philosophy and curriculum, but also in its physical network. the school has worked hard to establish an effective global network so that participants, both during the program and after completion, may reap the benefits of this international reach.

From its early days, enpc mba paris sought to extend its activities into overseas sister and exchange programs. this international expansion includes morocco with the establishment of an enpc mba program at ecole hassania des travaux publics in casablanca and china, with the establishment of an enpc mba program at tongji university in shangai. other enpc mba program abroad were established in places as abu dhabi, buenos aires, cochin,  mendoza, nagoya, new delhi,  & tokyo.

The school continues to develop internationally and has witnessed significant additions to its program offering over the past few years.

Here are some of those highlights:

  • 2013: Joined forces with Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management to offer a joint MBA degree program, Solvay-Ponts MBA.  
  • 2011: agreement signed with tongji university to renew the agreement linking the schools for another 10 years for the simba program.
  • 2007: abu dhabi university (adu), a leading academic institution in the united arab emirates, and the enpc school of international management signed a collaboration agreement to jointly test the market interest in a dual mba degree focusing on international business.  
  • 2006: enpc mba paris launches an executive mba program which in 2007 became a dual-degree program with the fox school of business of temple university. participants are given the opportunity, not only to visit the sister institutions in morocco and china, but also to substitute courses in their curriculum with courses in cali, casablanca, philadelphia or shanghai.
  • 2005: the enpc mba paris launches a new program, the tri-continent mba, in partnership with the fox business school of temple university philadelphia. this program offers participants the unique opportunity to complete their mba in paris, philadelphia, shanghai and tokyo.
  • 2004: the enpc and the enpc mba paris join forces with paristech, the consortium of the eleven foremost institutes of engineering teaching and research in france.
  • 1999: the launch of the ft-ranked simba program in shanghai, a joint program with tongji university and the ifcim (franco-chinese institute for engineering and management).