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Polletta, Gregory N.

Catalyst. Engineer. Designer. Professor Polletta's engineering, new product development and leadership experience has been with Bankers Trust, Avero Inc., The Xerox PARC Labs, and The American Management Systems Center for Advanced Technology later culminating in the forming of iGNITIATE - www.iGNITIATE.com - an innovation strategy and new product development firm working with small to mid-size firms, family run companies, and R&D labs such as Columbia University, Pfizer, MIT, The National Science Foundation, The US Department of Defense, Fujitsu, Japan; L’Oreal, France; Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Wattens, Austria; and many others. 


Gregory is the co-founder of the design brand gregorysung www.gregorysung.com having designed products for Magis, Roche Bobois, e-my, Philips de Pury, Cristina Grajales, Guzzini, ATC, London Design Council, Banana Republic,Dieteker, Ligne Roset, Artemide & many others. 
Gregory holds a MS in Industrial Design from Domus Academy in Milan, a BS in Information Systems minoring in Emerging Technology Development part of the Management & Engineering for Manufacturing program at the University of Connecticut, United States with a concentration in Medieval Society at Selwin College, Cambridge University UK. Gregory has lectured extensively in the US and abroad as a BA/MS/MBA/Ph.D. professor on the topics of Design Innovation, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Design and New Product Development at: Le Grande Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées ENPC MBA/Ph.D Program, Paris, France; University of Connecticut, Storrs; European School of Economics, Milan & Rome, Italy; Parsons School of Design, Paris; IFM MBA in Luxury Management Paris; Lucerne School of Art and Design, Lucerne Switzerland; The Royal College of Art, London and St. Martins school of Design, London. Gregory is a member of the prestigious American Program Bureau and the London Speakers Bureau and has served as a board member, board of advisor member and investor to nonprofit and for profit firms throughout Europe and the US. Gregory speaks English, and basic Italian & French. Read more (CV-LinkedIn)...

After almost 10 years with ENPC, and after more than 500 industry professionals have passed through his classes, Professor Polletta was named as the most inspirational professor in the ENPC PhD/MBA program by the 2014 participants.



Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship for New Product Development
New Product Design: Innovation and Renovation
Marketing of Innovative Services



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